If your requirements are for domestic, household, rural, or commercial tanks - we supply high quality Camel Tanks. Camel Tanks have a selection of 12 stylish models in a variety of colours. There are 2 designs available, the barrel and the slimline as well as the conventional round tanks. We have the range and price to suit your needs.


We have a full range of Australian and Imported Steel including RHS, Tubular, Bars, Angles, Channels, Plates, Sheets, together with a fabrication and engineering service. Please call us for large volume service or product quotations.

Building Supplies

Building or Renovating? Supply Right is your answer. We can supply high quality building products at discounted rates. Need framing and trusses for your next building project? Send us your plans and we will quote within 24 hours. We also supply a range of Sandstone Blocks and pavers. Windows, Doors, and Roofing materials.


For the man, or woman, on the land we have a huge range of Australian and Imported wire, fencing products, steel posts, strainers and troughs, gates, grids, troughs, feeders, crushes, Yard panels and Yard Components.


Do your skateboard wheels need a new bearing? Or are you rebuilding an old D-10? We have American, Japanese & European Bearings all at competitive prices to get your job done. All the big name brands are available.

Roofing & Fencing

Supply Right can source imported and Australian Roofing & Fencing products. These include the full Colourbond Range, Purlins, Hardware and Brackets. Pool Fencing, Decorative Fencing, Mesh Fencing & Flashing made to order.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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